Why I’m not surprised that Christian music is such a big influencer

Eric Geiger, the senior VP at Lifeway, wrote a blog about some new research that revealed the top 5 influencers on child's spiritual health.  The one that seemed most surprising to people that saw this study was the fact that number 4 on the list was listening to Christian Music. I want to say... I'm not … Continue reading Why I’m not surprised that Christian music is such a big influencer


When “Connected” means “Disconnected”

I just wanted to share some quick thoughts on something that I saw on my Facebook feed yesterday.  Ford Trucks posted an advertisement about their new Ford F-150 Innovations.  The interior of that truck looks amazing.  It’s like a mini living room.  The seats look huge and comfy for those kids and it looks to … Continue reading When “Connected” means “Disconnected”

Rejecting the Greatest Generation

Here's a parody of an Amazon Echo commercial that's been going around lately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvT_gqs5ETk What makes this commercial funny?  Cause old people are weird, right?  They can't hear, they're not capable of understanding technology, and as this sketch makes clear,  they "don't know about that".  It's OK to laugh, but we shouldn't consume any media without … Continue reading Rejecting the Greatest Generation


Politics and the Biblical Worldview

If you’re into politics, this last election cycle has mirrored the year 2016 in sports. With the NBA finals going to game 7, with the Cubs winning the world series in overtime in game 7, and the first Super Bowl overtime game ever, it was spectacle after spectacle. And just when you thought it was … Continue reading Politics and the Biblical Worldview


A mission oriented view of the Refugee Crisis

Last night, I read David Platt's article from the Gospel Coalition on how we as Christians should be thinking about the Refugee Crisis. It's an adaptation of a talk that he did with the TGC leaders back in May of 2016.You can read David Platt's article about the gospel-centered, mission-driven response to the Refugee crisis … Continue reading A mission oriented view of the Refugee Crisis


13 weeks in the book of Judges: Utilitarianism

This is part 3.  You can find part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE. Utilitarianism One of the attitudes I often see in young people today is the worldview of Utilitarianism.  This boils down to the philosophy of life that sees people as value propositions rather than people made in the image of God.  It … Continue reading 13 weeks in the book of Judges: Utilitarianism


Celebrity Apprentice: Arnold the Governator Edition

I have a huge confession:  I am a giant Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, especially of his late 80's and early 90's movies. (Yeah, that includes even Last Action Hero.) I'm one of those, "not ashamed of it" kind of fans. So when I found out that he was going to be hosting the new Celebrity Apprentice … Continue reading Celebrity Apprentice: Arnold the Governator Edition