Rejecting the Greatest Generation

Here's a parody of an Amazon Echo commercial that's been going around lately: What makes this commercial funny?  Cause old people are weird, right?  They can't hear, they're not capable of understanding technology, and as this sketch makes clear,  they "don't know about that".  It's OK to laugh, but we shouldn't consume any media without … Continue reading Rejecting the Greatest Generation


Politics and the Biblical Worldview

If you’re into politics, this last election cycle has mirrored the year 2016 in sports. With the NBA finals going to game 7, with the Cubs winning the world series in overtime in game 7, and the first Super Bowl overtime game ever, it was spectacle after spectacle. And just when you thought it was … Continue reading Politics and the Biblical Worldview

Why I Hate the Prosperity Gospel

After reading this fascinating article on The Gospel Coalition, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my thoughts regarding the prosperity gospel, mainly because it seems to be the default position of so many in churches today. And it’s not hard to see why; it’s attractive because it fulfills our sinful desire for … Continue reading Why I Hate the Prosperity Gospel


13 weeks in the book of Judges: Utilitarianism

This is part 3.  You can find part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE. Utilitarianism One of the attitudes I often see in young people today is the worldview of Utilitarianism.  This boils down to the philosophy of life that sees people as value propositions rather than people made in the image of God.  It … Continue reading 13 weeks in the book of Judges: Utilitarianism


We Come to You Jesus

We sang a new song at our church this past Sunday: "We Come to You Jesus" by Paul Baloche. It's from his new album, simply titled "Your Mercy." It's a great album, filled with simple songs for the church. I love that it's singable but filled with uncompromised truth. The chorus of the song is … Continue reading We Come to You Jesus


A Prayer for 2017

It's approximately 2 am in the morning, and Ian, our 7-month-old is terribly sick.  He doesn't have a fever, but he's got this awful cough, and we think he might be teething.  My wife Tracy has been up every 30 minutes or so because of his crying, and because I'm a relatively heavy sleeper, I … Continue reading A Prayer for 2017