We Come to You Jesus

We sang a new song at our church this past Sunday: “We Come to You Jesus” by Paul Baloche. It’s from his new album, simply titled “Your Mercy.” It’s a great album, filled with simple songs for the church. I love that it’s singable but filled with uncompromised truth. The chorus of the song is built upon the phrase “We come to you now, the best we know how.” Paul Baloche has a quick video where he explains where the line came from and how it turned into this particular song:

I instantly fell for the song from the first piano and guitar intro and was really looking forward to introducing the song to our students this weekend. I wanted to really emphasize that for us this year, 2017 is going to be more about coming to Christ as we are, recognizing that only he can change us. The goal for the next few months is to present a picture of the Christian life that is made alive through Christ. We don’t have to settle for who we are today because Jesus has the power to transform us. We should come to him as we are, but should not despair at remaining like this forever.

This requires belief in Jesus. And as I stated in my prayer from yesterday, it’s not easy to do. I’ve been a Christian for a long time, and a pastor and preacher for over a decade. But really trusting Jesus and genuinely believing in all of his promises for us is not an easy, automatic thing. There is much we want to hold back. There are circumstances in our lives that cause us to mistrust God in our heart, even if we offer lip service to him. It’s evident in the way that we spend our money, how we spend our time, and the affections of our heart. If we trusted in Christ more, we would give him more of our attention and our desires; we would give him the space to do more work in us. But most of us are content in just getting by.

But that’s a start. Recognizing this is the beginning of coming to Jesus as we are. Instead of working on ourselves to become more devoted to him, we come to him now, as we are, imperfect and still struggling to put our lives into his hands.

We Come to You Jesus by Paul Baloche

With us in our weakness You are strong
Though we feel unworthy we belong
There is no fear, there is no fear

Even in our chaos You are calm
You are bringing peace into our storm
We are safe here, all are safe here

We come to You now
The best we know how
We come to You Jesus
We come to You Jesus
Just as we are
We bring You our hearts
We come to You Jesus
We come to You Jesus

We know that Your arms are open wide
There is not a reason we should hide
There is grace here, there is grace here

We have found forgiveness at the cross
Where Your blood and mercy covers us
Christ our Savior, Christ our Savior

There’s no other name by which we’re saved
Only Jesus
No other love can take Your place
Only Jesus


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