Links Worth Reading (1-5-17)

VidAngel and Why I’m ProChoice About Renting and Filtering Movies 

VidAngel is caught up in a lawsuit right now.  They’re a filtering service for movies.  I think there’s definitely value in a service like this, but you should know they’re a Mormon company and are producing content that promotes Mormonism within their streaming service.

Why Christian Discipleship Needs Reformed Theology

A great little article on why theology matters, especially for books on discipleship.

Why Sexual Ethics Matter

This is a video link to Ray Ortlund Jr. explaining why the Christian must have a high standard of sexual ethics.  He makes a compelling case using 1 Corinthians 6’s theology of the human body.

Study the New Testament with Eyes on the Gospel in The Rescue Begins

The Gospel Project (Our church’s curriculum for PreK to 6th Grade) is soon going to be crossing over into the New Testament! Here’s a short video promoting the next season.

Pensées – Short Thoughts on Various Topics

Here’s a phenomenal list of some short thoughts from Greg Koukl on a variety of topics: Christian worldview, ethics, and apologetics.  Well worth saving and reading through.  (It’s from this month’s “Solid Ground” newsletter.)

Discover Your Role in the Mission of God

I love Pastor JD Greear, and this short article has a lot of great tips on how a young person can discover their role in the mission of God.

You will touch 80,000 lives 

Here’s another great article about what it means to be on mission.  Thinking through our individual influences this way can be helpful.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, I also thought these productivity articles were worth sharing:

13 Gmail Plugins That Make Communication Easier

Do you use Gmail?  Are you looking for ways to help tame your inbox?  Here are 13 tools that are really useful for getting through your email.

Pocket’s Best Articles on Productivity

This is a constantly updating link for Pocket’s most popular articles on productivity.  There’s always going to be some awesome stuff here at any given time to help you be more productive.

The Feynman Technique

Here’s a video about the Feynman Technique.  It’s meant to help you study faster and retain more information.  As someone who is still constantly studying, I found this helpful.

Shane & Shane: Psalm 46

This is an awesome live version of their song Psalm 46 from their latest Psalms: Live album.  This is really awesome music, worth listening to over and over again.




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